You Are Officially A Registered Participant Of The International Orientation And Mobility Online Symposium! 

Mark your calendar for

January 30th, 31st, and February 1, 2019.


Our Mission:

We all know that O&M is THE way for people with visual impairments to be able to lead their most independent, successful, and fulfilling lives.

As a community, we are all gathering together to support the global betterment of the lives of people with visual impairments.

This year, we are aiming to impact the lives of 10,000 people with visual impairments all around the world!

Want to join forces with us? Share this image and tell people that you are coming to the International O&M Online Symposium!

Together, I know we can reach this goal. Together, we can impact the lives of THOUSANDS of people with visual impairments!

 Image: two people walking. 1 with cane. words say: I am going to the international Orientation and mobility online symposium! More info 2

What to you can expect:

As soon as the Symposium Agenda is set, we will send you an email with all of the details including descriptions and times for your live webinar sessions. 

No later than 24 hours prior to the start of the Symposium, you will receive your Symposium Welcome Packet email that will contain:

  • All of the links to each of your webinar sessions.

  • Your Continuing Education Credit and Evaluation Form.

  • Any other details to ensure a happy and easy symposium experience for you.

By the way, your receipt should be in your inbox now.

We will be using Eastern Standard Time as our *ONE* timezone. With everybody around the world, we just had to choose one to base everything off of. To find out what dates and times this means for your time zone, here is World Clock that we like to use.

What you can do now:

Get excited!

This is the premier conference in our field! We are really making history here. Your students' lives are going to improve SO MUCH, just by you showing up for this event. 

1. Make sure the email address is not being sent to your spam, promotions, or updates folders. You will want ALL of the information coming your way. 

2. Block off your schedule to be able to attend all of the sessions on January 30, January 31, and February 1, (EST). That might be January 31, February 1, and February 2 for you. Hey, you paid for them. Might as well take advantage.

3. Come join us in our Private Facebook Group!

4. Tell your friends! The more people we have join us, the more students we help! 

 image: 2 people walking. 1 with cane. Text": i am going to the international orientation and mobility online symposium! more info @

Do you have someone paying by check for you?

You both should have an invoice in your inbox. Please check with them to make sure they have it. Remember, you are liable for payment until your agency pays your registration fee. All registration payments paid by check are due within 14 days of the start of any Course (i.e., the Symposium). A $50 late fee will be applied to your account if the check is received after the 14 days.

Please email us at to request our W-9 if you need one.

Questions? Comments?

We are happy to answer your email within normal business hours, Central Standard Time (excluding holidays). Send us an email at Either Kassy or a customer service representative will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.