Be able to teach blindSquare

to anyone, anywhere!

BlindSquare is one of the most comprehensive way-finding applications on the market.

With the increased use of GPS devices, your students need to be able to navigate both their environment AND the technological landscape. 



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November 6, (Eastern Standard Time)

10AM New York/ 3PM London/ 4AM New Zealand (Nov. 7)

3PM New York/ 8AM London (Nov.7)/ 9AM New Zealand (Nov.7)

**If you need to attend at 4PM EST, please just reply back to my email so I know to be on. *

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In this 1 hour (ACVREP Certified) webinar, you will: 

  • Learn how to use BlindSquare while traveling unfamiliar environments.

  • Become familiar with all of BlindSquare's functions.

  • Understand exactly what skills you students need to have prior to using BlindSquare.

  • Understand how BlindSquare is different from Google Maps.

  • Learn the newest updates and how they affect your students.

  • Be able to confidently teach your students to travel using BlindSquare.


O&M Specialists with every level of expertise and years of service will walk away with new strategies to increase their students' travel skills. 

Sign up for this FREE one hour webinar. Choose the date that works best for you. We only have 100 spots available for the webinar. 

If you cannot make it live, you will have 48 hours to watch the replay for credit. 

Sign up for our FREE Live Interactive Webinar. 

November 6, (Eastern Standard Time)

10AM New York/ 3PM London/ 4AM New Zealand (Nov. 7)

3PM New York/ 8AM London (Nov.7)/ 9AM New Zealand (Nov.7)

**If you need me to present at 4PM EST, please reply back to my email so I know to be on.*

What is BlindSquare?

BlindSquare is an accessible navigation application for mobile devices. It gives more precise information than Google Maps and can be used to preview routes prior to traveling them. 


What do I need before the webinar?

Nothing! If you want to follow along with the webinar as we go through the app, I would update BlindSquare and update the app and your device's software. 

If you do not have BlindSquare, you can download it from the iTunes Store and Google Play.

You do not have to have the app in order to attend the webinar. 

What if you decide you'd rather stick with Google Maps? 


How does this work?

1. Sign up. Did we mention, it's FREE?!

2. You will receive a link in your inbox to the webinar meeting. 

3. Show up to your webinar about 10 minutes prior, just to make sure all of your technology works.

4. Sit back, relax, and learn! 

5. Wow your students with your amazing new skills. They might start to think you are a millenial or something. 

Are ACVREP credits available?

YES! But, you have to attend or watch the replay. 


Where will the replay be housed?

We will upload the replay to our Professional Development Portal. You will receive a link to sign up to the portal in your email inbox. If you know you can not make it, make sure to enroll in the portal. 

This portal allows us to track your usage so we can report it to ACVREP for your CEU's. 

About the Teacher

Kassy seated in chair

Hi, I'm Kassy! I am a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist with over 11 years experience teaching children and adolescents. I am also the face that gets to help this wonderful community grow in to the best O&M Specialists that they can be. Over the past few years, I have focused a lot of my planning time on learning the technology that my students needed to know. When this tech-train left the station a few years ago, I felt hopeless. I could barely keep up with my own work load, let alone add in keeping up with all of the new changes.  

So, I developed better strategies. I devoted my planning periods to mastering the basics, and had my teenage students teach me the rest. (They really ARE the best teachers). 

Through a LOT of trial and error, I came up with teaching strategies that work and are easy for me to implement. 

I taught an in-service on BlindSquare to our team at my former job, and they LOVED it! 

Now, I have updated this training and am opening it up for YOU. 

This is our way of giving back to you, to say "Thank you" for being a part of our growing community here at Allied Independence. We appreciate you and look forward to equipping you with the most cutting edge and impactful teaching strategies around. 


Sign up for our FREE Live Interactive Webinar. 

November 6, (Eastern Standard Time)

10AM New York/ 3PM London/ 4AM New Zealand (Nov. 7)

3PM New York/ 8PM London (Nov.7)/ 9AM New Zealand (Nov.7)

**I can also be on at 4PM EST. Just reply back to my email and let me know if you need that extra time slot.*

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do they have a free trial?

You asked. They listened. BlindSquare was blown away at how many people signed up to learn about their application! As a “Thank You” from them, they are giving away 10 free licenses to people who come to the live webinars tomorrow!

We will be giving away 5 free licenses away at both the 10AM EST and 3PM EST live webinar tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it!

How to enter the raffle for a free trial of BlindSquare:

1. Attend one of the webinars LIVE.
2. Stay until the very end.

That's it!

We will be having a raffle of the people who stay on until the very end of the webinar. At the close of each webinar, I will screenshot the participants' list. Those names will be entered in to a computerized randomizer. The randomizer will choose 5 names.  Each of those 5 people will be emailed the instructions and their access code right after their webinar.

The trial will end at the end of this week. If you win, please act immediately!

Do I have to have BlindSquare in order to attend?

No! Come learn how to use it, then make your decision.

How to access the replay:

We will send an email on Wednesday morning with the link to our private Professional Development Portal.

In order to watch the replay, you will need to register for the BlindSquare Webinar Course on our Professional Development Portal. In the course, you will find the replay video and an embedded Continuing Education Code form.

Each participant must register separately so we have proof that you watched the entire replay.

You will have 24 hours from Wednesday, November 7th at 9AM EST to watch the replay and fill out the Continuing Education Code form. The form will be disabled Thursday, November 8 at 10AM EST. After the form is disabled, you will not be able to receive credit.

How to get ACVREP Credit:

You will receive your Continuing Education Credit form in your inbox tomorrow morning. Please fill it out by Thursday morning, when it will be turned off.

How long is the “Teaching Travel Skills Using BlindSquare” webinar?

The webinar is 1 full hour. I would plan on being in the room 10 minutes prior.

How many people can attend live?

EVERYONE! We increased our Zoom platform to allow everyone to attend. We actually have room for 200 more people. So if you have a friend, invite them!

What if I can’t make it live?

What do you mean? Do you have students? An IEP meeting? How dare they! Just kidding. You won’t be eligible for the raffle, but you can watch the replay from Wednesday at 9AM EST until Thursday at 10AM EST.

I can’t log on to Zoom on my work computer.

If you are having trouble logging on to Zoom on your computer, consult with your IT department. Remind them that this is a professional development opportunity that you need to be able to attend in order to perform your job duties.

If you still can't log in via your computer, use the phone number to call in.

I logged in to Zoom but it is asking for an access code. Help!

1st. Take a breath. Next, your access code is your meeting ID. 101 315 670

I will be driving, can I still attend?

YES! But, please call in. For the safety of everyone around.

How do I get access to the powerpoint?

I will drop it in our chat(s) during the webinar(s) tomorrow. Otherwise, it will be in the BlindSquare Webinar course on our professional development portal.

What is this professional development portal?

This is our private space where we put our replay videos, handouts, and powerpoint slides.