Int'l Orientation and Mobility Symposium

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Fall 2018 O&M Study Groups

Using Mobile Way-Finding Applications in O&M

Using Mobile Way-Finding Applications in O&M


Finally have the confidence you need to teach your students how to travel using mobile way-finding applications.

What you will get:

WEBINARS- 4 live, interactive webinars (1/month) to help you learn the concepts and teaching strategies.

STUDY GUIDES- With easy to use study guides, you will be guided through your case study homework. Have the exact resources you need at your fingertips.

COMMUNITY- Get your questions answered and talk with other professionals who are as dedicated to their students with multiple impairments as you. Through our private online forums, you will be able to talk with each other all month long.

ACVREP CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT- This course will offer 6 hours of Continuing Education Credit through ACVREP.

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