What is BlindSquare and what makes it different from Google Maps?

“But, Kass. This app is $40!” you say. “What is BlindSquare and what makes it different from using Google Maps?”, you’ve asked.

I hear you. The BlindSquare app isn’t free. And yes, you do have a generic maps application on your smart phone. You very well can use that.

For Orientation and Mobility Specialists, BlindSquare is a prominent piece of technology. In a world where everything is changing so rapidly, BlindSquare has stood the test of time. It allows my students to access more information than Google Maps.

While Google Maps is constantly getting better, it doesn’t have the ability to tell you the address you are at in real time. It doesn’t have the ability to drop a pin at the front door of your students’ favorite clothing store. It can’t help you navigate a college campus.

I don’t KNOW for sure that BlindSquare is for you.

What I do know, is that if you want to stay on the forefront of what is working in our field, you at least need to know how to use the app. You may not have students that need to use it right now. You may not be thinking that far in the future to when you will get a student on your caseload who needs to use it.

When that time comes, where will you turn for the information you need? If you sign up for the webinar, at least you will have the powerpoint presentation to look through. If you attend, you will also have your notes and you will have the previous knowledge to refresh.

If you do want this information delivered to your doorstep, come join us next week! After this webinar, you will be able to confidently use BlindSquare with your students. You will understand and teach the skills needed prior to using GPS technology. Most importantly, you will be able to help the IEP team decide if this piece of technology is worth the price.

A lot of you have asked if you have to have BlindSquare on your phone before the webinar. NO! You don’t even have to have an apple device. You can watch how we use BlindSquare and decide if/when the purchase is right for you.

We will also be sharing a replay that will be available the next day (Wednesday, EST) for 24 hours. I HIGHLY suggest you schedule your lunch break or planning time around the webinar so you can be there live.

Want to join us? Click this link to get more information and join the list for the webinar!

Teaching Technology using BlindSquare

Free webinar offered by the International O&M Online Symposium

November 6

10AM EST (World Clock) & 3PM EST (World Clock)