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In this webinar, you will gain successful strategies for teaching O&M to students with Cortical Visual Impairments.

  • Learn successful strategies for teaching travel skills to students with CVI.

  • Gain better understanding of CVI and how it impacts travel.

  • Help your students with CVI access their environment.

  • Successfully teach your students with CVI skills that will allow them to become better travelers!

For the first five years of my teaching career,

Kassy M, smiling at camera

my caseload was cluttered with students who had Cortical Visual Impairments. I was confused as to what their needs were, what my role was as their Orientation and Mobility Specialist, and how to best help them access their environment with ease.

I felt lost.

There was little to no research on the subject at the time.

But when the majority of your caseload includes a specific type of visual impairment, you make the time and devote the energy to figuring it out.

Luckily, I also had help from many mentors. I attended trainings from Lisa Calaci, Diane Sheline, and Christine Roman while figuring out how to incorporate simple teaching strategies for my O&M Students.

If you feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out successful strategies for teaching O&M to your students with CVI, we have a special gift for you!

Join me for a free webinar where we will give you the strategies you need to feel confident in helping your students with O&M access their environment and travel with greater ease.

Those who come to the live event will also receive a special BONUS CVI Skills checklist to help you accelerate your students’ success.

“Successful Strategies for Teaching O&M to Your Students with CVI”

On January 16th, at both 10AM and 4PM

Eastern Standard Time (New York Time)

Free 1 Hour (ACVREP CEU) webinar

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